Pierce County News, May 2008

Thursday, May 1, 2008

No, really – you can’t miss it, The News Tribune, May 31
Tacoma mulls mixed-use ‘mishmush’, The News Tribune, May 29
Long List of Concerns for Washington State Preservationists, Tacoma Daily Record, May 29
Sound Transit seeks input on mass transit expansion, Tacoma Weekly, May 29
An ounce of prevention is worth $100,000 or so, Peninsula Gateway, May 29
Point Ruston construction begins, The News Tribune, May 29
Editorial: Downtown Plan needs to be more than a repeat, Peninsula Gateway, May 28
State panel boosts Tacoma Narrows bridge tolls, The Daily News, May 28
Grant could LIFT city, The Herald, May 28
Townhouse boom raises questions at city hall, Tacoma Weekly, May 28
City wrestles with tax-subsidized development around mall, The News Tribune, May 28
Legal action taken against Point Ruston, Tacoma Weekly, May 22
Let’s make sure those tax breaks are worth it, Peter Callahan Column, The News Tribune, May 22
Editorial: Towne Center project needs bus, Peninsula Gateway, May 21
State recognizes 8 projects for downtown revitalization excellence, Tacoma Daily Index, May 19
Denver company plans to build warehouse complex in South Tacoma, The News Tribune, May 16
Study: Sea wall sinking around Jefferson Memorial, The News Tribune, May 14
Demolition of building clears way for change in Tacoma’s Hilltop, The News Tribune, May 13
City, County Livable Communities Fair May 17, Tacoma Daily Index, May 8
Opinion: Tacoma should be wary of extending tax break, The News Tribune, May 2
City council moves forward on new proposals for development, Peninsula Gateway, May 1
Rainier projects on list for matching dollars, The News Tribune, May 1
Community fights to keep Crescent Valley Creek pristine, Peninsula Gateway, May 1


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