Kitsap County News, July 2008

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Of course they didn't listen to us about the roundabout, Port Orchard Independent, July 22
City Responds to Criticism of Poulsbo's Growth-Rate Statistics, Kitsap Sun, July 20
Cowling Creek trails ready for public use, North Kitsap Herald, July 19
Dicks Wants to Bring City, Tribe to the Table to Discuss Boardwalk, Kitsap Sun, July 18
Opinion: Clarifying the Tribe's Boardwalk Issues, Kitsap Sun, July 18
Editorial: Seeking to Save the Boardwalk, Kitsap Sun, July 18
Bremerton's Historic Sinclair Building Giving Way to Downtown Progress, Kitsap Sun, July 15
Permit Reality Check Puts a Halt to Belfair Fantasy Faire, Kitsap Sun, July 14
PSRC’s ‘vision’ shortsighted for Kitsap residents, Port Orchard Independent, July 12
Port bids ‘adieu’ to creosote, North Kitsap Herald, July 12
Annexation Task Force wraps Little Norway discussions, North Kitsap Herald, July 11
Moratorium May Halt Relocated Belfair Renaissance Festival, Kitsap Sun, July 11
SKIA utility talks stall, Port Orchard Independent, July 11
Habitat Plans New PO Neighborhood, Kitsap Sun, July 11
Bremerton Bringing in the Money for Revitalization, Kitsap Sun, July 11
Tempers Flare as Port Orchard Presses for Slice of the SKIA Pie, Kitsap Sun, July 10
Annexation Recommendations Go To Council, Kitsap Sun, July 8
Port Orchard wants role in SKIA annexation, Kitsap Sun, July 8
Recent Floods Raise Ongoing Concerns About Levee Safety, Kitsap Sun, July 6
Port of Bremerton Faces a Pivotal Decision on SEED Project, Kitsap Sun, July 5
State ecology dept. taps Liberty Bay for study, North Kitsap Herald, July 5
For Silverdale, Joe's Sports In; Kitsap 8 Movie Theater Out?, Kitsap Sun, July 4
Poulsbo mulls details of comprehensive plan, North Kitsap Herald, July 2
Judge Upholds County's Critical Areas Ordinance, Kitsap Sun, July 2
Opinion: Kitsap County not immune to woeful economy, PNW Local News, July 1


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