King County News, December 2008

Monday, December 1, 2008

Alaskan Way Viaduct: Recurring dream, Seattle P-I - Dec. 31
Forest service plans to clean up contaminated Snoqualmie Valley mine, SnoValley Star, Dec. 31
Gregoire delays viaduct verdict again, Seattle P-I - Dec. 30
One-upping the Choppaduct, Crosscut, Dec. 30
Alaskan Way Viaduct: Why close off the tunnel option?, Seattle Times, Dec. 30
SHA to build 103 units in Lake City, Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, Dec. 29
Special interest groups press Gregoire on viaduct options, Seattle Times, Dec. 26
Seattle's vision of Northgate as urban center takes shape, Seattle Times, Dec. 26
King Electrical fined for dumping into storm drains, Seattle P-I, Dec. 20
County Council Calls For Streamlining County Permitting Process To Stimulate Housing Construction, Seattle Medium, Dec. 18
It's refi -- not buy -- in Seattle's housing market, Seattle P-I, Dec. 18
North Bend considers annexation, SnoValley Star, Dec. 17
Council approves incentive zoning for neighborhoods, Ballard News Tribune, Dec. 17
City Expands Affordable Housing Incentive Plan, KUOW NPR, Dec. 16
Mountlake Terrace may upzone center, Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, Dec. 15
Group: Magnolia sewage plant idea stinks, Seattle P-I, Dec. 13
Timber, but no homes, on 45,500-acre swath, Seattle P-I, Dec. 11
Homeowner appeals of tax valuations soar, Seattle P-I, Dec. 8
Real estate a sore point in Seattle area economy, Seattle P-I, Dec. 6
Seattle-area housing market continues to slow, Seattle P-I, Dec. 5
Housing slide opens city living to first-time buyers, Seattle P-I, Dec. 5
Meet the New Anti-NIMBY Face of Seattle's Neighborhood Movement, The Stranger, Dec. 3
No Parking Anytime: Condos being put up for bids at about half price, Seattle P-I, Dec. 2


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