King County News, September 2008

Monday, September 1, 2008

Developer picked for Tukwila Village, Highline Times, Sept. 30
Lake Burien residents oppose rezoning, Highline Times, Sept. 30
Way past time for action, West Seattle Herald, Sept. 30
Alaskan Way Viaduct: Craziest idea yet, Seattle P-I, Sept. 30
County Council OKs extra buses for Viaduct crunch, West Seattle Blog, Sept. 30
Sausage Links, total, complete bummer edition, Crosscut, Sept. 30
Review editorial, Sammamish Review, Sept. 30
“Turmoil,” “Fear,” & “Uncertainty” Bursting Seattle’s Bubble, Seattle Bubble, Sept. 30
Lake Burien residents oppose rezoning, Highline Times, Sept. 29
Seattle Times debunks Seattle Times' own position, Northwest Progressive Institute Blog, Sept. 29
Three advocates make the case for Sound Transit expansion, Crosscut, Sept. 29
Dioxin in soil? South Park takes finding in stride, Seattle P-I, Sept. 29
Don't let condo dues catch you by surprise, Seattle P-I, Sept. 29
Opinion: Does Seattle have too much single-family zoning?, Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, Sept. 29
Filtration system would clean up polluted runoff, Seattle P-I, Sept. 28
Green Lake: Retract the invite, Seattle P-I, Sept. 28
The Feminine Viaduct, Belltown Messenger, Sept. 27
City backed viaduct and transit lobbying, complaint says, Seattle P-I, Sept. 26
Sea-Tac's third runway set to open after years of delay, Seattle Times, Sept. 26
"Choppway" plan for Alaskan Way Viaduct unveiled, Seattle Times, Sept. 26
Development deal reached for "Donut Hole" in Maple Valley, Seattle Times, Sept. 26
Deadline passes for 'Nickelsville', Seattle Times, Sept. 26
Viaduct details won't be known until after election, Seattle P-I, Sept. 26
New Details Released About 2 Viaduct Replacement Options, KIRO TV, Sept. 26
Alaskan Way Viaduct: Three more updates, West Seattle Blog, Sept. 26
5 principles for renewing Seattle’s waterfront, Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, Sept. 25
Seattle home sales plummet 41% from a year ago, Seattle P-I, Sept. 25
Viaduct future: First data on “scenarios” to be released tomorrow, West Seattle Blog, Sept. 24
Grant gives King County, two cities $50.5 million for public housing, The News Tribune, Sept. 24
Auto Immune, The Stranger, Sept. 24
Microsoft Expands Employee Bus Service, Seattle P-I, Sept. 24
Mayor Marchione outlines the rise of Redmond, Redmond Reporter, Sept. 24
City legislation would tighten townhouse review, Ballard News Tribune, Sept. 23
Seattle Housing: Building justice, Seattle P-I, Sept. 23
City endorses regional affordable housing strategies, Sammamish Review, Sept. 23
City receives expanded bus service, Sammamish Review, Sept. 23
Study predicts major revisions to I-90 interchanges, Sammamish Review, Sept. 23
Beach plans start, Sammamish Review, Sept. 23
Editorial: Affordable Housing, Sammamish Review, Sept. 23
City approves 3 contracts, Sammamish Review, Sept. 23
Campaign for Affordable Bank Accounts, KPLU, Seattle P-I, Sept. 23
Portland, Ore., tops sustainable cities list; Seattle third, Christian Science-Monitor, Sept. 22
Architecture out, "built environments" in at UW, Seattle P-I, Sept. 22
Details: New vision for coordinating Junction development, West Seattle Blog, Sept. 22
Homeless settle into 'Nickelsville', Seattle P-I, Sept. 23
"Nickelsville" springs up in Highland Park, Seattle Times, Sept. 23
Developer's support pledged at Goodwill hearing, Seattle P-I, Sept. 22
Spot Returning Salmon in Redmond, Eastside Business Journal, Sept. 22
Editorial: Seattle Cafes: Switching menus, Seattle P-I, Sept. 21
Plan updates move to full council, West Seattle Herald, Sept. 21
King County housing projects get boost from the feds, Seattle P-I, Sept. 21
Seattle business leaders look beyond tough times, Seattle Times, Sept. 20
What's a more likely scenario with Seattle's Alaskan Way Viaduct?, PolitickerWA, Sept. 19
Parking Spots Transformed Into Parks, KIRO, Sept. 19, 2008
Port of Seattle pays $10000 for dredging mistake, Seattle Times, Sept. 19
Redevelopment of Fort Lawton, KUOW NPR, Sept. 19
King Co., Sound Transit to add 12 hybrid buses, Seattle P-I, Sept. 19
Seattle recycling more commercial food waste, Seattle P-I, Sept. 19
Charles Royer & Greg Smith: Give waterfront back to the people, Seattle P-I, Sept. 18
Seattle's growth projection reflects a city pushing limits, Seattle P-I, Sept. 18
This just in! Yet another Viaduct solution!, Crosscut, Sept. 18
Anglers upset over hatchery changes, SnoValley Star, Sept. 18
Editorial: Tokul Creek Hatchery closure needs explaining, SnoValley Star, Sept. 18
District recalculates impact fees, SnoValley Star, Sept. 18
Fort Lawton plan near final stage, Queen Anne News, Sept. 18
Nickels Calls For Plan To Create More Workforce Housing, Seattle Medium, Sept. 18
City holds public meetings about Sammamish Landing, Sammamish Review, Sept. 17
The more the merrier?, Sammamish Review, Sept. 17
Do Schools Need Sewers?, Seattle Weekly, Sept. 17
South Lake Union's profile on the rise?, Seattle Times, Sept. 17
Could a convention center work at Seattle Center?, Crosscut, Sept. 17
Is it legal for bikers 'riding the line' of bike lanes?, Seattle P-I, Sept. 16, 2008
Opinion: We recycle cans and bottles, why not buildings?, Seattle Times, Sept. 16
Seattle's 20-cent plastic-bag fee on hold until citywide vote, likely next August, Seattle Times, Sept. 16
Water taxi traffic up 9 percent in August, Seattle P-I, Sept. 16
More routes, more service for Metro, Seattle P-I, Sept. 16
Parking program under review, Ballard News Tribune, Sept. 16
Incentive zoning plan going to council, West Seattle Herald, Sept. 15
Code change would address bad design, West Seattle Herald, Sept. 15
Plan updates move to full council, West Seattle Herald, Sept. 15
Transit projects will spark delays, congestion, West Seattle Herald, Sept. 15
Dykeman center asks for Lake Burien rezoning, Highline Times, Sept. 15
Advocates mobilize to fight affordable housing crisis, Seattle P-I, Sept. 15
Opinion: Land use laws should reflect today's reality, Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, Sept. 15
City's bike plan has more than commuters in mind, Seattle P-I, Sept. 15
Seattle-area foreclosures soar, Seattle P-I, Sept. 12
Toxic dioxins found in South Park dirt, Seattle P-I, Sept. 12
The Nuke Building could get nuked, Crosscut, Sept. 12
Drugs affect more drinking water; Seattle tests clean, KOMO, Sept. 11
Open House Viaduct Meetings Starting, KIRO, Sept. 11
The freaky economics of a ride to Sea-Tac Airport, Crosscut, Sept. 11
Creating 'people places', Crosscut, Sept. 11
State promises more buses, West Seattle, Sept. 11
Plan balances neighborhoods, growth, Seattle P-I, Sept. 11
House values drop by double digits, Seattle P-I, Sept. 10
New economic development director has ideas for Shoreline, Shoreline/LFP Enterprise, Sept. 10
Lawsuit filed over proposed gravel mine expansion, Seattle P-I, Sept. 10
Council approves contracts, Sammamish Review, Sept. 10
Sammamish gets lakeside property, Sammamish Review, Sept. 10
Impact fee plan raises eyebrows, Snoqualmie Valley Record, Sept. 10
Innovative vacation-home style sells despite market woes, Seattle P-I, Sept. 9
Chop, chop, Crosscut, Sept. 9
University of the Future, Seattle U. Mag., Sept. 9
City reviews residential parking zone policy, West Seattle Herald, Sept. 9
Opinions sought on viaduct, Seattle P-I, Sept. 10
City reviews residential parking zone policy, West Seattle Herald, Sept. 10
$8.6 million to finish "Missing Link", Ballard Herald, Sept. 9
City unveils campaign to entice businesses to invest in Federal Way, Federal Way News, Sept. 8
Rossi's transportation plan could hit major money snag, Seattle Times, Sept. 8
Getting There: Green mat tells drivers to look out for cyclists, Seattle P-I, Sept. 8
There's sudden movement in updating Seattle neighborhood plans, Crosscut, Sept. 7
Business mag recognizes Kirkland businesses for fast growth, Kirkland Reporter, Sept. 5
Editorial: Alaskan Way Viaduct: Bus by bus, Seattle P-I, Sept. 3
City To Redevelop Chubby & Tubby Site In Southeast Seattle, Seattle Medium, Sept. 3
Op-Ed - West Seattle needs mass transit now, West Seattle Herald, Sept. 3
Op-Ed - Ballard needs mass transit now, West Seattle Herald, Sept. 2
Bus service to be beefed up during Viaduct work, Seattle P-I, Sept. 2
Broken rules could benefit neighborhoods, Seattle P-I, Sept. 1


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