Statewide News, September 2008

Monday, September 1, 2008

Bellingham group, others sue to protect wolverines, Bellingham Herald, Sept. 30
A building ban near rivers?, Seattle P-I, Sept. 30
Turmoil rattles local real estate market, Seattle P-I, Sept. 30
LIFT money shouldn’t be such a gamble, The News Tribune, Sept. 28
Fight eco-depression with militant optimism, The Olympian, Sept. 27
Survey chronicles farmworker life, Capital Press, Sept. 26
Clean-water law doesn't ban car washing, The Olympian, Sept. 25
Northwest companies keeping close eye on energy tax credits, Seattle P-I, Sept. 24
Cantwell says Senate tax package has goodies for our state, The Olympian, Sept. 24
State on team to cut greenhouse gases, Seattle Times, Sept. 24
Western initiative to cut greenhouse gas emissions, Seattle P-I, Sept. 24
Gubernatorial Debate: Changing climate, Seattle P-I, Sept. 22
WA governor's debate is big on transportation, The Oregonian, Sept. 21
Gregoire rips Rossi on environment, Seattle P-I, Sept. 20
Lots of Jabs, but No Ferry Solutions, in Debate, Kitsap Sun, Sept. 20
State takes on two builder groups, The News Tribune, Sept. 20
Maple Leaf rallies to save the trees in Waldo Woods, Seattle P-I, Sept. 19
Groups aim to spend money on fish, not court, Tri-City Herald, Sept. 19
Error forces board to review redevelopment awards, The Olympian, Sept. 19
Quadrant to lay off 45 due to slow home sales, The Olympian, Sept. 19
Calls for more monitoring of drugs and chemicals, Seattle P-I, Sept. 18
State to get $12 million in disaster relief for salmon fishery, Seattle Times, Sept. 18
$100 million released to aid salmon fishermen, Seattle P-I, Sept. 18
$1.3 billion I-90 project on Snoqualmie Pass, Bellingham Herald, Sept. 18
Builders’ group faces accusation of violations of state campaign law, The News Tribune, Sept. 15
They're not pretty, or good swimmers, but we need lamprey, The Oregonian, Sept. 14
Conservation groups sue over lumber pact dollars, Seattle Times, Sept. 12
Eyman pushes traffic solutions; others have doubts, The News Tribune, Sept. 12
Rossi, the second time around, Seattle P-I, Sept. 12
Scientists discuss plastics in the oceans during Tacoma conference, The News Tribune, Sept. 11
Democrats offer new offshore drilling plan, Seattle P-I, Sept. 11
Ecology Department penalties total $737,543 in 2nd quarter of 2008, Prosser Record-Bulletin, Sept. 10
WDFW predicts better razor clam season and plans public meetings, Chinook Observer, Sept. 9
Hood Canal: nature on the half-shell, Seattle Times, Sept. 9
State mortgage woes grow worse, Seattle P-I, Sept. 6
Soil scientist witnesses dramatic changes in ag, Capital Press, Sept. 5
Amtrak ridership is up in Washington, Oregon, Seattle P-I, Sept. 4
Ecology revising rule for underground storage tanks, Prosser Record-Bulletin, Sept. 3
Opinion: Washington View: Changing vesting laws would hurt families, The Columbian, Sept. 2


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