King County News, November 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Workers warn of problems at Brightwater, KOMO News, Nov. 24
Timeline is extended on Park Pointe land swap proposal, Issaquah Press, Nov. 22
At last, Sea-Tac's third runway is open for business, The News Tribune, Nov. 21
Cost for viaduct options revealed, Seattle P-I, Nov. 21
Costs released for 8 viaduct options: from $800M to $3.5B, Seattle Times, Nov. 20
Viaduct tunnel would cost $3.5 billion, Seattle P-I, Nov. 20
Commuter train idea for Seattle suburbs, The Columbian, Nov. 20
Eastside passenger railway would cost $1billion, Seattle Times, Nov. 20
As third Sea-Tac runway opens, some seek a fourth, Seattle Times, Nov. 20
Two Issaquah gas stations are on state cleanup list, Issaquah Press, Nov. 20
Danny Westneat: Green fever colors the future of roads, Seattle Times, Nov. 19
Alderwood mall owner is at risk of bankruptcy, Lynnwood Enterprise, Nov. 19
Galleries out, coffee in as downtown Kirkland’s retail mix shifts, PNW Local News, Nov. 18
“Unique place … unique time”: Tackling the Triangle’s future, West Seattle Blog, Nov. 18
Why not a bullet train for Vancouver-Seattle?
Any change to Viaduct will increase travel times, West Seattle Herald, Nov. 17
More transit coming, at least to Highline, Federal Way News, Nov. 17
A bridge argument to nowhere, Crosscut, Nov. 17
Debate continues as third runway opens, Highline Times, Nov. 17
Alaskan Way Viaduct: Costly alternatives, Seattle P-I, Nov. 17
The Bag Tax Rebellion, Crosscut, Nov. 15
Seattle homeowners warned to back off park, WA - Nov 14
Seattle fleets would feel impact if Pollock harvest reduced next year, Seattle Times, Nov. 14
The Waterfront Parkway's the best plan for replacing Seattle's crumbling viaduct, Seattle Times, Nov. 14
City looks to raise the price to park, Seattle Times, Nov. 14
Are elevated highways the best viaduct fix?, Seattle P-I, Nov. 13
Man seeks historic designation for aging viaduct, Seattle Times, Nov. 13
Third runway opponents see victory in concessions, Seattle P-I, Nov. 13
Seattle developer Greg Smith, Crosscut, Nov. 13
Developer Greg Smith may run for Seattle mayor, Crosscut, Nov. 12
Viaduct traffic, Seattle P-I, Nov. 12
Time to Beg for a Bike Rack, Seattle Weekly, Nov. 12
Change: In Federal Way, it’s up to us, PNW Local News, Nov. 12
Regulations will protect Issaquah’s drinking water, Issaquah Press, Nov. 11
Ballard area developments under review, Ballard News Tribune, Nov. 11
Parks, trails, gas station in land swap, Issaquah Press, Nov. 11
21st Century Viking: Is Sound Transit 2 sound for Ballard?, Ballard News Tribune, Nov. 11
Try This On: Variable Tolls for SR 520 And I-90 In 2010, Cascadia Prospectus, Nov. 11
City takes on global warming, Issaquah Press, Nov. 11
City urges steps to cut landslides, Seattle P-I, Nov. 10
520 tolls may only cover bridge, not other parts of highway, Seattle P-I, Nov. 10
Marysville dodges layoff bullet, Everett Daily Herald, Nov. 10
Affordable rents scarce around Burien Town Square, Highline Times, Nov. 10
Ballard’s Obermaier Machine Works site sold, Puget Sound Business Journal, Nov. 10
Extra transit service won’t start until at least June, The News Tribune, Nov. 8
Condominiums one-third sold, second Burien Town Square phase delayed, Highline Times, Nov. 8
Voters in Bellevue overwhelmingly approve parks levy, Eastside Business Journal, Nov. 8
Town centers are a new catalyst for small cities, Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, Nov. 7
West Seattle developments, West Seattle Herald, Nov. 6
Camden Park and company edge closer to annexation, Sammamish Review, Nov. 6
Ballard area developments under review, Ballard News Tribune, Nov. 6
Camden Park and company edge closer to annexation, Sammamish Review, Nov. 6
Parks bond defeated, Sammamish Review, Nov. 5
Forced to move out: City tries to sweep away U-District ..., The Daily (UW), Nov. 5
Opportunity is knocking on the door, Woodinville Northwest News, Nov. 5
Nickelsville's Not What It Set Out to Be, Seattle Weekly, Nov. 5
Keep Lake Burien private, Highline Times, Nov. 4
Tree regulations are on the way, Issaquah Press, Nov. 4
Commissioners work to finish shoreline recommendation, Sammamish Review, Nov. 4
Viaduct update pushed back, Seattle P-I, Nov. 3
Viaduct is no longer sinking - for now, Ballard News Tribune, Nov. 3
Miscalculations take North Bend back to ULID drawing board, SnoValley Star, Nov. 3
ULI ranks Seattle top among real estate markets, Puget Sound Business Journal, Nov. 3
Opinion: Interbay's time has come, Seattle Daily Journal of Commerce, Nov. 3
Tacoma fritters away valuable airport options, The News Tribune, Nov. 2


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