Kitsap County News, November 2008

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Poulsbo waterfront property for sale, North Kitsap Herald, Nov. 22
Annexation drive nearing goal, Port Orchard Independent, Nov. 22
City Council to consider airing closed-meeting Harbor-Works formation information, Peninsula Daily, Nov. 20 Annexation plans fuel Port Orchard’s future, Port Orchard Independent, Nov. 19
Port Orchard Planning Commission Backs Draft Comprehensive Plan, Kitsap Sun, Nov. 17
Housing Authority Board Looks to State for Help, Kitsap Sun, Nov. 17
Building Consensus for an ‘Art Town' on Bainbridge, Kitsap Sun, Nov. 15
Preserving the nature we have left, North Kitsap Herald, Nov. 15
Two Firms Looking at SEED Project, Kitsap Sun, Nov. 14
Port Orchard downtown plan kicks in, Port Orchard Independent, Nov. 12
KCCHA affordable Olhava housing nixed, North Kitsap Herald, Nov. 12
Port Orchard Eye on the Bethel Corridor?, Kitsap Sun, United States, Nov. 12
Local farming sustains a community, North Kitsap Herald, Nov. 8
Failing septic systems raise a stink on Bainbridge, North Kitsap Herald, Nov. 8
Residents to Take McCormick Woods Annexation Campaign to Doorsteps, Kitsap Sun, Nov. 6
Woods View Development Near Manchester Appealed to Court, Kitsap Sun, Nov. 5
Annexation effort already halfway home, Port Orchard Independent, Nov. 5
Commissioners work to finish shoreline recommendation, Sammamish Review, Nov. 4
Housing Authority to Sell Eight Properties to Pay Off Debt, Kitsap Sun, Nov. 4


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